Upcoming NFT Projects

Upcoming NFT Projects

NFT is an increasingly popular digital currency. These days, developers have been utilizing it for many different purposes. From storing personal data to creating online games, NFT is an excellent way to create value in new ways. Here are a few up and coming projects that are utilizing the currency. We’ll cover FaceTransPlants, Otaku Origins, Crypto Penny Black, and Battle Infinity to name a few.

Upcoming NFT Projects


In the early stages of development, the FaceTransPlants project is still an unknown entity, but the team behind it is building up a large community of supporters and developers. This unique NFT project is dedicated to creating a social environment where people can gather to enjoy the art. Its team has ambitious plans for the project, which include marketing and breeding mechanisms, as well as blockchain-based games.

Otaku Origins

The Otaku Origins community is on the brink of launching their very own P2E game. Developed in partnership with a Canadian game development company, the game will feature full 3D fighting mechanics and a deep and immersive storyline to create a unique NFT experience.

Otaku Origins is a new NFT project that combines blockchain with anime. This project will allow anime fans to meet and connect, share stories and build a community. The 5,000 one-of-a-kind NFTs in the Otaku Origins community will be distributed on the Solana blockchain.

Crypto Penny Black

If you are an avid collector of coins and stamps, you may be interested in the Crypto Penny Black NFT project. Inspired by the historic Penny Black stamp, the project will produce twelve types of handcrafted stamps. Each stamp will be eye-catching and feature vibrant colors. The project will produce 240 to 437 hand-made examples, making it a valuable incentive for collectors.

This project aims to bring together like-minded individuals through their platform. The founders hype the community by leading them on a creative journey. As they engage in the storyline, they will be eligible to receive whitelist posts from the project’s team. It is estimated that the NFT project will start pre-sale sales in August 2022.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is an upcoming NFT project that will feature a fantasy sports league and NFT-based P2E player-vs-player games. Those interested in the game can purchase NFTs to enter the league and buy in-game real-life sports players. The players will be rewarded in IBATs for their victories. In addition, players can swap their in-game tokens for other NFTs through the Battle Swap feature. Additionally, the Battle Market will act as a built-in NFT marketplace.

While this project is still in its early stages, the whitepaper for the project highlights the ‘IBAT Battle Arena’ and ‘IBAT Battle Market’ built-in features. The developers also plan to support more sports over time, so keep an eye on the platform as it evolves.

Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends is an animated NFT initiative based on Ethereum. It is the latest project from the Random Character Collective, which has received huge attention for its NFT collection. The project has already garnered 440k Twitter followers. Founder Markus Magnusson began developing the project after working on SlimJim’s NFT collection.

Invisible Friends will collaborate with streetwear brand Kith to produce an upcoming collection of clothes for NFT owners. The collection will feature exclusive pieces for NFT owners. The collaboration with Kith demonstrates the NFT brand’s commitment to NFT collectibility.

Real Estate Investment Club

The Real Estate Investment Club is a real estate investment club that offers members the chance to purchase fractional shares in real estate properties. The club offers members exposure to traditional real estate and NFTs. The team believes that property tokenization will become a major industry in the next few years. The idea is to use blockchain technology and crypto tokens to fractionalize physical real estate.

The Real Estate Investment Club offers its members perks and educational resources to become successful real estate investors. They also give members access to off-market deals and investments that are not available to the public. The club also holds webinars, seminars, and competitions that reward members with prizes as diverse as VIP holidays, over-night stays in luxury real estate locations, and high-value items such as watches.


The Pixelmon project is one of the upcoming NFT projects and has already raised a good amount of money. It will soon unveil its roadmap and announce new team members. However, the project’s developers have been facing a lot of criticism for their recent developments. The founders of the project – whose real names are Martin van Blerk and OKhotshot – are under fire from disgruntled buyers and amused onlookers alike. The developers were caught in a controversy when they decided to outsource the creation of the NFT artwork. This was done in an attempt to deceive the community into believing that they were employing an “in-house team of artists” to create the artwork. On top of this, the team spent a lot of the NFT’s mint fund on other projects.

Pixelmon will be free to play for all users, with optional pay-to-play mechanics. However, those with NFT will be able to access more resources, such as larger reward pools, token airdrops, and metaverse land. The project promises to have something for every type of gamer. It will launch with immediate multiplayer support on PC and eventually expand to other platforms.